A queer movie review of Alice Wu’s new film

(Warning: This review contains minor spoilers of the film.)

IMAGE: The Half of It, Dir Alice Wu, Netflix (2020)

For a movie whose Netflix premise vaguely reads like another take on Twelfth Night, Alice Wu’s second major film, The Half of It, steers clear of visual paraphrasing and instead takes a clear snapshot of what it looks like to grow up as a queer immigrant in small-town, regional America.

The film stars Leah Lewis as Ellie Chu, an intelligent-but-friendless high schooler, who is strapped for cash while supporting her grieving father, Edwin (Collin Chou), in their small town of Squahamish. The story follows Ellie through a circumstantial journey as she’s…

A queer music review of this year’s ‘Hottest 100’

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash.

Every year, on the weekend closest to January 27th, Australia’s public broadcaster (Triple J) puts on the taxpayer-funded-and-voted ‘Hottest 100’ countdown, which ranks the public’s top 100 songs of the last year.

It’s an event much of the country tunes in to, and Hottest 100 parties always abound for the long weekend. (Of course, this year those parties took place before COVID-19 hit Australia.)

This year a record number of votes were cast, and the top 10 songs included 5 female solo artists — a perfect fifty-fifty — a number that jumps to 8 if you include female-featured artists.


A Queer Music Review of ‘Cheap Queen’

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

To make something out of nothing is how King Princess describes the creation and inspiration for her album’s title track, ‘Cheap Queen’. It’s unfortunate that this mantra seems to have spilled out across the rest of the album in a way that is neither insightful nor resourceful; the whole album really does feel like something made from nothing.

Released on October 25th, with a total of 13 tracks, King Princess’ debut album Cheap Queen has a frustratingly warm-but-bland quality, one that is surprising given King Princess’ career launched from such provocative and layered singles as ‘1950’ and ‘Pussy Is God’.

I’m always on the lookout for more queer artists to listen to, however even with streaming and auto-recommendations it can still be hard to find them.

There are some good queer-artist lists around online, but they’re often filled with (much-loved) musicians already well known to the community.

So to promote more LGBTQ voices, I’ve compiled a selection of 17 queer, female and non-binary artists you may not have heard of.

Alex the Astronaut

Folk Pop, Folktronica, Indie

IMAGE: Minkowski Records, alextheastronaut.com

Alex the Astronaut is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Sydney, who was studying physics in New York when she released her first EP To Whom It…

Zoey Milford

Queer writer. Avid chaser of representation.

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